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N.2/2019 Pratiche di immanenza

“Immanenza”: una buzzword filosofica? Tra critica all’immanenza e critica immanente

Giacomo Pezzano

(Università degli Studi di Torino)

Published in December, 2019

“Immanence”: A Philosophical Buzzword? Between the Critique of Immanence and the Immanent Critique

copertina GCSI ritagliata 2_2019.jpg


The “viral” diffusion of the concept of immanence in the philosophical and cultural panorama risks to make it become a buzzword with “contagious” effects, capable of generating a conceptual pathology or dysfunctionality. Undoubtedly, “immanence” is a valid concept, especially on the logic-metaphysical level; however, from a political or social point of view, it has aroused various perplexities. Therefore, in this paper, I discuss some of the basic ideas of a possible “critique of immanence” (§ 1), and then I highlight the outlines of the perspective of the “immanent critique” (§ 3). Finally, I suggest that we can find a possible solution to the tensions between immanence and transcendence if we pose the problem on an anthropological or anthropological-philosophical level (§ 3).


Immanenza/trascendenza, filosofia, politica, critica, Deleuze.

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