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N.1/2017 Figure della Maturità

Per un ritratto della maturità: sfumature, confini e orizzonti di un agire multivettoriale

Bianca Bellini

Università Vita e Salute, san Raffaele, Milano

Published in June, 2017


For a portrait of maturity: nuances, boundaries and horizons of a multivectorial action


This paper aims at identify those traits maturity consists of. This term is often employed and appealed to, but what does it really entail? The effort of exploring its nature will enable us to discover that maturity is a multilayer phenomenon. Literary exemplifications, philosophical research, linguistic reflections and other valuable contributions will be fundamental steps in order to comprehend that maturity is a peculiar way of acting: it strives for an end as well as for a new restart. Maturity is the outcome of an endless path and it is inherently intertwined with liberty and natality. In fact, it depends upon the possibility of free themselves from past through repentance and, at the same time, constrain themselves towards the future by pledge. Eventually, the link between maturity and, on the other hand, Bildung and respect, will be highlighted and taken into account.


Maturity, acting, liberty, Bildung, Respect.

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