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Guidelines for the Authors

Papers may be written in any of the following European languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Submissions must follow the house style set out here in .doc format. All papers will be assessed following the double-blind peer review system.

Papers shall be sended exclusively in .doc format (no .pdf or other formats) and they must be submitted anonymous, giving no indication of author's identity.

For each paper you have to submit two different files:

-a first one, in .doc format, for the blind referee, containing the essay without the author's name. It shall be preceded by an abstract (not more than 150 words) in English, and at least 5/6 keywords, in English too.

-a second one, in .doc format, for the editorial board, containing the author's data: name, institution, title of the essay (indicating the number for which you want to contribute) and a valid e-mail address (and, possibly an institutional one) .

Papers should not exceed 30.000 characters (including spaces).

Four decisions can be made:


  1. Accepted in its original format;

  2. Accepted with minor revision;

  3. Accepted after major revision

  4. Rejected.

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