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Ermeneutica del sé ed ermeneutica biblica. Note intorno alla genealogia del soggetto moderno secondo Michel Foucault

Enrico Cerasi

Università Vita e Salute – san Raffaele, Milano

Published in June, 2017

Hermeneutics of the self and biblical hermeneutics. Notes about the genealogy of the modern subject according to Michel Foucault


According to Michel Foucault, the birth of Christianity is maybe the most important factor for the genesis of the modern subject. In particular, from the beginning the monk and in the modern epoch the subject in general have learned to confess completely oneself to the director or to the psychanalyst, depending on the circumstances. To confess oneself and to be submitted: there are the main competences of the western subject, differently from the Hellenistic philosophers! Discussing at the first the connection between biblical Hermeneutic and Hermeneutic of the Self and then the kierkegaardian philosophy of the existence, this essay trays to examine the Foucauldian criticism of Christianity.


Foucault, Subject, Hermeneutics, Christianity, Kierkegaard

Critical Journal of History of Ideas
International Philosophy Journal

Andrea Tagliapietra and Sebastiano Ghisu

Giovanni Campus

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