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N.1/2017 Figure della Maturità

Il rito di passaggio come strumento di maturità. Contributi dell’antropologia culturale antica e contemporanea

Chiara Dolce 

Università di Cagliari

Published in June, 2017

The rite of passage as an instrument for maturity. Contributions of ancient and contemporary cultural anthropology



The history of Anthropology, from Arnold Van Gennep to Marco Aime insists on the importance of the rite of passage as a universal instrument of growth of the human person. As an “invitation to the choice,” publicly acknowledged, the ritual includes men in a defined system of limits and responsibilities, accompanying him in the assumption of these duties and protecting it against the difficulties of these assumptions. But what happens if society ceases to resort to ritual instrument? In the following work we will try to shed light on the relationship between the difficulty of human maturation and the disappearance of the rites, increasingly common condition of the contemporary generations.


anthropology, rite of passage, limits, responsibilities, maturation.

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