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N.1/2017 Figure della Maturità

La materialità dell’ideale

Sebastiano Ghisu

Università di Sassari

Published in June, 2017

The materiality of the ideal



This essay situates and analyzes in the context of last century’s Soviet thought the philosophy of action of Evald Ilyenkov, who conceived of the individual as relating to reality through the lens of an ideal (social) dimension which is no less objective than reality. Cognitive and practical contact with reality is achieved through the unavoidable filter of the ideal, which in turn is the product of the social activity of men. In this perspective, the ideal is in the things themselves in so far as they are known, produced, and transformed in and by this activity. However, questioning the centrality that Marx attributes to the practical activity of men will turn out to an unavoidable endeavor.


soviet thought, ideal, objective reality, human action, Marx.

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