N.1/2018 Studi cartesiani tra Europa e Brasile

Il cogito è una rappresentazione? Un dibattito sull’interpretazione rappresentativa del presupposto della metafisica cartesiana

Marcos Alexandre Borges
Universidade Estadual de Roraima – UERR

Published in June, 2018

Is the cogito a representation? A debate on the representative interpretation of Cartesian metaphysics’s assumption


With the present article we intend to discuss a cogito reading that understands it as a representation of itself to itself. For this, the interpretations of Heidegger, taken here as the main defender of this thesis, and that of Alquié, whose interpretation is denied that in Descartes the cogito is a representation, will be approached mainly. Although we do not entirely agree with Alquié’s interpretation of the starting point of Cartesian metaphysics, this commentator brings important elements to refute the interpretation of the cogito as a representation.


Descartes, Cogito, Representation, Martin Heidegger, Fernand Alquié

Critical Journal of History of Ideas
International Philosophy Journal

Andrea Tagliapietra and Sebastiano Ghisu

Giovanni Campus

Authorized by Tribunale di Sassari n.455 del 14/7/2008 - ISSN 2035-732X - ISSN (Paper edition) 2035-732X