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N.1/2018 Studi cartesiani tra Europa e Brasile

La natura della materia e la spiegazione cartesiana dei fenomeni meteorologici

Paulo Tadeu da Silva
Universidade Federal do ABC – UFABC

Published in June, 2018

Studi Cartesiani tra Europa e

The nature of matter and the Cartesian explanation of metereological phenomena


This paper aims to analyze some of the phenomena explained by Descartes in Meteors, one of the essays that accompanying the Discourse of the Method. More precisely, it is intended to discuss in what sense the exposition on the nature of matter – developed in the first discourse, entitled “On the nature of terrestrial bodies” – provides fundamental elements for the explanation of the phenomena considered in some of the following discourses.


Natural Philosophy, Matter, Analogies, Mechanism, Metereological Phenomena

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