N.1/2018 Studi cartesiani tra Europa e Brasile

Idea, essere obiettivo e realtà obiettiva nelle Meditazioni di Descartes

Raul Landim Filho
Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ/PPGLM/ CNPq

Published in June, 2018

Idea, objective being and objective reality in Descartes’s Meditations


My aim in this article is to answer the question: is the Cartesian Theory of Ideas a direct realist or a representationalist theory? To answer this question, I analyze the notions of idea, objective being, objective reality and essence in Descartes’s Meditations. I show that from the point of view of the apprehension of the essences of external things, Descartes is a direct realist. However since some proofs of the existence are inferential, I also show that from this standpoint the Cartesian theory is representationalist.


Direct Realism, Representationalism, Idea, Objective Being, Objective Reality, Essence.

Critical Journal of History of Ideas
International Philosophy Journal

Andrea Tagliapietra and Sebastiano Ghisu

Giovanni Campus

Authorized by Tribunale di Sassari n.455 del 14/7/2008 - ISSN 2035-732X - ISSN (Paper edition) 2035-732X