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N.1/2018 Studi cartesiani tra Europa e Brasile

Cartesii Philosophia. Per una storia della filosofia cartesiana in Puglia attraverso i manuali

Siegrid Agostini
Centro Dipartimentale di Studi su Descartes e il Seicento- Ettore Lojacono

Published in June, 2018

Studi Cartesiani tra Europa e

Cartesii Philosophia. For a history of Cartesian philosophy in Puglia through manuals


This essay aims to show for the first time the spread of the Cartesian Philosophy in Apulia in 1700. So far, in spite of the rich tradition of studies on the legacy of the Cartesianism in Italy between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, especially in Southern Italy, no scholars have been able to prove such a presence in Apulia. The discovery of a manuscript, written between 1701 and 1760, and containing a course of Cartesian Philosophy entitled Cartesii Philosophia, seems to cast new light on the presence of the French philosopher in Daunia, an area in Northern Apulia. The author of the text is the jurist and bibliophile Saverio Celentano from Foggia.


Cartesianism, Manuscript, Foggia, Textbook

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