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N.1/2019 L'Italian Thought fra globalizzazione e tradizione

Saggi (Parte III) – Paradigmi e orientamenti

La soglia e il topos del resto: Giorgio Agamben

Paolo Bartoloni
National University of Ireland Galway

Published in June, 2019

The Threshold and the Topos of the Remnant: Giorgio Agamben

L'Italian Thought fra globalizzazione e


In this article I will follow Agamben as he conceptualises the space of the threshold. I will do so by investigating Agamben’s reading of Paul in the book Il tempo che resta, with particular attention to hope and love. I will show how Paul’s understanding of hope leads Agamben to propose an experience of life the productivity of which is not based on the possession and conceptualisation of work as norm.


Agamben, Paul, threshold, hope, love, irreparable, Il tempo che resta, La comunità che viene.

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