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N.1/2019 L'Italian Thought fra globalizzazione e tradizione

Saggi (Parte I) – Nelle pieghe dell’attualità

Egemonia o destituzione. Le due vie dell’Italian Thought

Francesco Marchesi
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Published in June, 2019

L'Italian Thought fra globalizzazione e

Hegemony or Destitution: Italian Thought’s Two Ways


Italian Thought (or Italian Theory) is today a field of philosophical thinking crossed by various lines of research. Above a common base composed by machiavellian thought of political conflict and by studies around biopolitics, the main partition inside this theoretical space seems to concern the form of political subject and, even more, the relationship with power. In this way is pos- sible to recognize, on the one hand, the tradition of workerism that theorize, as the aim of political practice, the destitution of power’s apparatuses, and on the other, a gramscian line of thought, which looks for new modes of articulation between conflict and institutions through a thinking of power as a factor of regulation and, perhaps, emancipation.


hegemony, destitution, italian theory, workerism, Gramsci.

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