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N.1/2020 Traduzione

Il silenzio, ovvero la riserva dell’intraducibile

Andrea Tagliapietra

(Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele di Milano)

Published in June, 2020

Silence, that is, the reserve of the untranslatable

Giornale Critico 01-2020 Copertina.jpg


Experience offers us a vast phenomenology of silence. There is the silence of God and the silence of man before God, both in the religious version of Jonah and in the logical-philosophical version of Wittgenstein. There is the silence of pleasure but there is still the silence of the most intense pain, the speech- less pain of children. Common to them is a utopia that places them beyond consciousness and discursive praxis. Silence is therefore the place of those experiences that prove to be untranslatable, without which not only language, which is interwoven with silence, but experience would lack its deepest dimension.


silence, language, untranslatable, experience, pain.

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