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N.1/2022 Libertinismo: Filosofia e Scrittura

Mistica, psicoanalisi e filosofia.
Alcune note su Lo splendore trascurato del mondo
di Romano Màdera

Raffaele Ariano

Published in June, 2022

Mysticism, psychoanalysis, and philosophy. Some notes on Romano Màdera’s Lo splendore trascurato del mondo.

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The following pages discuss the contents, style and target audience

of Romano Màdera’s book Lo splendore trascurato del mondo. I will try to summarize his idea of an “ordinary” and post-religious notion of mysticism, paying

attention to Màdera’s understanding of the significance of the relative theory

and practice for both psychoanalysis and a therapeutically inclined philosophical practice. I will suggest that Màdera’s style, as well the editorial and disciplinary positioning of his book, are instrumental in making these reflections on

mysticism consistent with his previous intellectual path as emblematized in his
foundation of SABOF – Società di analisi biografica a orientamento filosofico.


Philosophy as a way of life, Psychoanalysis, Ordinary mysticism, Biographical method, Romano Màdera.



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