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N.2/2018 Dell'Uomo e dei Diritti

Il soggetto inumano: alienazione, percezione, estensione

Tommaso Guariento
Università di Palermo

Published in December, 2018

The inhuman subject: alienation, perception, extension

dell'uomo e dei diritti.jpg


Within this article we intend to outline some characteristics concerning the social and psychological effects of the digital revolution. We will describe the specific form of alienation which corresponds to a psychopolitical governance (Han) Then, we introduce the notion of hyperobjects (Morton) to account for the mutations of cognitive mapping abilities of our species (Toscano, Kinkle). We would try to answer the question posed by Lev Manovich (Can We Think Without Categories?) through the adoption of a feminist (Hester, Malabou) and inhuman (Negarestani) standpoint. The inequalities of gender, race and class creates social hierarchies but also implies a weakening of the power of the general intellect, can we think of an extension of the domain of political struggle as a collective extension of intellectual faculties?


Alienation, hyperobjects, xenofeminism, cognitive mapping, extended mind.

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