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N.2/2019 Pratiche di immanenza

Ontologia dell’interpunzione (o, del “respiro” dell’essere)

Massimo Donà

(Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele)

Published in December, 2019

Ontology of the Punctuation (or, of The “Breath” of Being)

copertina GCSI ritagliata 2_2019.jpg


The essay focuses on the relational function of punctuation as a unifying element of the many distinct elements. By beating the rhythm of the proposition, the punctuation contributes to the overall sense of the proposition in the same way as the other categoremes and syncategoremes. Aiming at a challenging reconstruction of the relationship between meaning and absence of meaning in language, the Author develops a dialogue with some texts by Kafka and exponents of Dadaism.


Being; Language; Kafka; Dadaism; Punctuation.

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