N.2/2019 Pratiche di immanenza

Alcune note su linguaggio, concetto e immanenza nell’interpretazione hyppoliteana di Hegel

Sandro Palazzo

(Università di Bologna)

Published in December, 2019

Some notes on language, Concept and Immanence in Hegel’s Hyppolitean Interpretation


The theme of this contribution is the relationship between language and concept in Hyppolite’s interpretation of Hegel. This issue is addressed starting from two questions: what are the ontological conditions that make language possible; whether language has an originally transcendental status. After an analysis of the genesis of language, the investigation focuses on the self-reflexivity of language itself. Thus the basic thesis is developed, which can be summarized in the following points: the self-reflexivity of language implies the immanence of being at appearing; this implication requires a review of the Hegelian systematic organization, a review in which emerges the central role of Lehre vom Wesen; and only on the basis of this centrality, language can perform an originally transcendental function.


Hyppolite, Hegel, linguaggio, concetto, immanenza, senso.

Critical Journal of History of Ideas
International Philosophy Journal

Andrea Tagliapietra and Sebastiano Ghisu

Giovanni Campus

Authorized by Tribunale di Sassari n.455 del 14/7/2008 - ISSN 2035-732X - ISSN (Paper edition) 2035-732X