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N.1/2020 Traduzione

Tradurre, interpretare, tradire.
Un caso filosofico: Hannah Arendt

Caterina Boi  

(Università di Cagliari)


Published in June, 2020

Translating, interpreting, betraying. The philosophical case of Hannah Arendt

Giornale Critico 01-2020 Copertina.jpg


The aim of this essay is to show – through the philosophical example of Hannah Arendt – how in traslation it is necessary, first of all, to respect the author’s intent of the original text. We analyze the main problems of traslation such as fidelity to the “source text” whithout the pretension of giving, in this way, a definitive solution for these problems. We have chosen to look at our topic of study in hermeneutical key.


translation, interpretation, fidelity, Hannah Arendt, intent, negotiation, plurality.

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